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Factors Affecting the Quality of Hydraulic Oil of Hydraulic Cone Crusher The hydraulic cone crusher is a popular cone crusher. It is more convenient to operate than the traditional cone crusher. The range of processed materials has also been expanded. According to different cavity types, it is possible to choose medium, fine and super fine. Today we Focus on the factors that affect the quality of hydraulic oil.

1. Degree of oxidation of hydraulic cone crusher oil
Judging the degree of oxidation of hydraulic oil, usually starting from its color and smell. If the color of the hydraulic oil is dark brown and has a foul smell, it has been oxidized. The darker the brown, the thicker the foul odor, the more oxidized it is. At this point, the new oil should be replaced.

2, the degree of water content in the hydraulic cone crusher oil
There are usually two ways to determine the degree of moisture in the hydraulic fluid. First, depending on the color and odor change, such as the color of the hydraulic oil is milky white, the odor does not change, indicating that the mixed water is too much. Second, take a small amount of hydraulic oil on the hot iron plate. If the sound of "beep" is issued, it means that it contains water. At this time, replace the new oil.

3. The situation that the hydraulic oil contains impurities
Judging the presence of impurities in hydraulic oil, there are usually two kinds. First, after working for a period of time, take a few drops of hydraulic oil on the hand, use your fingers to check if there are metal particles, and second, in the sunlight. Look under the slight flash point. If there are more metal particles or flashing points, it means that the hydraulic oil contains more mechanical impurities. In this case, the hydraulic oil should be replaced, or the hydraulic oil should be discharged, and the precipitation should be carried out for not less than 42 hours, and then filtered. After use.