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Why does the jaw crusher give off an unpleasant smell? When the jaw crusher is working, through the emission of some odors, we can judge whether it has a problem, different smells, indicating that the equipment has different faults, there are three common odors: rubber smell, plastic smell As well as the unburned smell of gasoline, we are here to analyze how these different odors are produced, and what is the fault inside the equipment that causes the odor to emanate.

First, the rubber smell
This odor is the easiest to distinguish. If this odor occurs, please check if some rubber parts on the belt and jaw crusher are slack or overheated. What needs to be reminded here is that if the problem area appears in the engine, it should stop immediately, and then run after cooling.

Second, the plastic smell
This situation usually occurs in the summer, mainly due to overheating of the wires in the jaw crusher. Because the plastic outer skin is thin, the smell is not very large, but it is very dangerous, which may cause complete damage to the circuit, engine stall or even self-ignition. When the wire is overheated, it is often accompanied by local smoke or heat. Once found, it must be stopped immediately to find out the cause.

Third, unburned gasoline smell
If you always smell unburnt gasoline, you should check for oil leaks. After the jaw crusher has been used for a long time, the oil pipeline will be aging and cracked, and the fuel will leak out. When smelling the smell of gasoline, stop immediately, put an end to all open flames, and then thoroughly check the oil circuit; if it is oil spill, don't worry, teach you a trick here, use the chewing gum to directly block the oil spill, then Then fix it with tape, but this is just a matter of expediency and needs to be repaired as soon as possible.