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What should be paid attention to when the cone crusher is not used for a long time? Since the main component of the cone crusher is steel, it is very easy to rust. The machine after rusting will affect the normal operation and cause economic loss, so it is the key to store it reasonably:


1. If the flywheel has been removed from the eccentric shaft, the contact surface between the flywheel and the shaft should be coated with a preservative.

2. Allow the crusher to operate at least once a month during storage of the cone crusher or during seasonal shutdown to ensure that the bearings remain properly lubricated. If the crusher cannot be operated during storage, the crusher flywheel must be manually rotated 3 to 4 times to ensure that the bearings are properly lubricated. Add grease to the bearings if needed.

3. If the moving body has been removed from the frame, in order to prevent debris from entering the bearing seat, sufficient grease should be applied in the seal. The bearing housing contact surfaces on the frame and the frame, bracket contact and bracket seat contact surfaces, and tie rod holes (if applicable) should also be coated with a preservative.

4. When the cone crusher is taken out from the storage, the paint must be inspected and repaired as needed. The preservative should be removed from all contact surfaces before assembling the crusher.

5. The cone crusher and its removed parts should be stored on a stable bracket to prevent contact with the ground.