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Characteristics and working principle of Vibrator feeder

Vibrator feeder is a kind of economic and technical indicators * to high feed efficiency, feed capacity; low noise, will help to improve the working environment; low power consumption, high power factor; this device to operate at a resonance far beyond the state, thus amplitude stable, reliable operation, strong adaptability to a variety of materials; add ingredients to be adjusted eccentric block can be easily adjusted to stepless quantity.


Simple structure, uniform feeding, continuous *, exciting force adjustable; subject to change and control the flow, easy to operate; eccentric block the excitation source, low noise, low power consumption, good adjusting *, no red material phenomenon; if a closed fuselage to prevent dust pollution stable vibration, reliable operation and long life.


Vibrating Feeder

Vibrator feeder is the use of a vibrator in the eccentric rotation of the centrifugal force, so that the sieve compartment, vibrators and other moving parts for mandatory continuous circular or approximately circular movement.Vibrator feeder is a feeding trough body, exciter, spring bearing, gear and other components. Vibration source vibration feeder tank is exciter, exciter by two eccentric shaft (active and passive) and gear pair composed by motor through V-belt driven drive shaft, and then from the drive shaft gear driven shaft rotation, active and passive reverse rotation axes simultaneously, the groove body vibration, so that a continuous flow of material, the purpose of conveying material.