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Spring cone crusher require regular maintenance and upkeep

Spring cone crusher in use and idle time, maintenance and repair should be carried out, can not relax, good * of the device is can bring * benefits.

On crusher equipment application market, spring cone crusher can be said that very early cone crusher equipment, high efficiency, good quality, but it has high demands of automation and low labor. Then the combination of * technology and the introduction of the actual situation of efficient spring cone crusher. This stone crusher having a hydraulic chamber cleaning system can reduce downtime, improve work efficiency.

Spring Cone Crusher

When foreign material *er hardness into the machine, this means you can start overload protection to avoid damage to the machine. In addition, the crusher is at work in a very harsh environment, which inevitably causes the lubricating oil to be contaminated, and this spring cone crusher is applied to dry oil and water two kinds of sealed manner, so it largely isolated in contact with the powder lubricant to avoid contamination of the lubricant, which can guarantee the crusher can work long without damage.