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Reasons and Solutions of Jaw Crusher Adjust the seat break

Causes of jaw crusher adjustment Seat failure: The design quality of the brackets associated with the adjustment seat, the design quality of the elbow pad, or the replacement of the new brackets, the installation and design of the elbow pad parts, and the original mismatch , Easy to break damage. Adjust the seat of the connecting bolts occurred loose, adjust the seat displacement, the workload increases, will be due to no load and break. Adjust the casting of the casting process is not qualified, casting heat treatment is not up to standard or welding defects will leave a hidden risk.


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To solve the jaw crusher adjustment seat fracture approach


1, first remove the jaw crusher and replace the new quality assurance of the original brackets, elbow pad and adjust the seat, while in the production before the check brackets, elbow pads and other components and professional jaw crusher manufacturers The supplied accessories are in line.


2, the timely discovery of connecting bolts loose, to avoid the adjustment of the seat fracture, after the break soon after the replacement of the new adjustment seat components.


3, the replacement of the new adjustment seat, according to the regular manufacturers to choose high-quality adjustment seat components, because the professional manufacturer of crusher to provide the most professional manufacturing process to ensure the quality of the broken parts of the adjustment.