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The vibration feeder to install and use should pay attention to the problem

1, vibration feeder must be safe and technical education, can be manipulated.

2, before the air test, all bolts should be tightened once, especially the vibration of the motor anchor bolts, continuous operation 3-5 hours should be re-tightened once.

3, the test two vibration motor must reverse rotation, current and noise stability, abnormalities should be timely parking processing.

4, the feeder in the course of the operation should always check the amplitude, vibration motor current and motor surface temperature, requiring uniform amplitude before and after, not about swing, vibration motor current stability, such as abnormal circumstances, should immediately stop processing.


vibration feeder

5, the machine uses thin oil splash lubrication, lubricating oil should be based on the use of location, the temperature of the premise of the decision, the general use of gear oil; vibration motor bearing lubrication is the key to the normal work of the feeder, the use of the regular bearing Refueling two fluidized molybdenum 2 # grease, once every two months, high temperature season, once a month, every six months demolition of a motor, replace the internal bearing. Should ensure that the excretion of oil in the oil level is higher than the oil standard height, every 3-6 months must be replaced once, change the application of clean gasoline or kerosene cleaning tank, bearing raceway and gear surface.

6, the feeder is the general sense of the feeder, but because the name of the different places, so have a different name, and its essence and role, is basically the same. Machinery and equipment should be grounded, the wire should be reliable insulation, and installed in the snakeskin tube, often check whether the motor wiring wear and leakage.

7, the mine with the vibration feeder for the material from the silo or other storage equipment in the uniform or q
uantitative supply to the receiving equipment, is the implementation of assembly-line operation of the necessary equipment, open and closed type Two kinds. According to the requirements of the production of electromagnetic vibration feeder, to the hopper, conveyor.

8, vibration feeder structure is simple, easy to operate, without lubrication, power consumption is small; can be evenly adjusted to the ore; it has been widely used.