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Vibrating screen spring direct start of the great harm

Vibrating screen spring AC induction motor as the current industrial areas of the most important power equipment, its role is unpredictable. Because of the use of the required current is very large, did not reach the rated power simply can not work, but also easy to shorten the life of the shaker. Therefore, the vibrating screen high-power AC asynchronous induction motor when the hard start will produce a lot of harm.

Vibrating screen springs directly from the start of the large current generated by the motor winding, will lead to rapid winding of the motor windings, burned around the insulation layer or to accelerate its aging, affecting the life of the motor, direct start to produce excessive torque impact Leading to the destruction of the motor itself.


Vibrating screen


Zhongxin heavy industry vibrating screen spring starting current contains a large number of high harmonics, will impact the power grid circuit parameters may cause high-frequency resonance, resulting in the circuit in the relay false trigger, automatic control out of control and so on.


Vibratory screen spring direct start will produce the impact torque, will be associated with the current motor drive gears, gears, belts and other more sophisticated equipment and equipment damage, while the start of the torque mutation will be on the pump system valves, Damage caused by excessive start-up torque oscillation can also affect the abnormal aging and wear of the driven equipment, shortening the service life of the motor and associated equipment.


Under normal circumstances, the hard start will cause the same power grid voltage suddenly dropped, resulting in other electrical equipment undervoltage protection device action, tripping, so that the motor failed to start, but also on other electrical equipment impact. So in the use of time must be concerned about whether the power reaches the rated power.