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Sand washing machine can clean the soil and dust in sands

The sand washing machine can clean and separate the mud and dust in the sand, the new sealing structure and reliable drive equipment to ensure its effective cleaning function. The equipment handling capacity, low consumption, low sand loss, low water consumption. In the artificial production line, the sand washing machine discharged directly into the sedimentation tank, due to mud and fine sand content, resulting in sedimentation tank is easy to plug, fine sand loss serious. However, a fine sand recovery unit may be used.


The use of fine sand recovery unit can reduce the amount of fine sand loss, not only greatly improve the quality of the finished sand, but also improve the production line in the production of sand, creating a considerable economic benefits. The device can recover the lost sand in the wet production process, thereby increasing the yield and reducing the pollution of a highly efficient recovery equipment.


sand washing machine


Today, many large-scale construction projects, the production line requires a lot of sand and gravel material, the use of sand is also more and more widely. Fine sand recovery device, the sand washing machine discharged from the wastewater treatment, recovery of waste water in the fine sand and stone powder. The use of fine sand recovery device and the perfect combination of sand washing machine to avoid the loss of fine sand caused by environmental pollution and low yield for customers to bring a huge economic benefits.


Sand washing machine can clean out the sand in the soil and dust, so that the sand in the building to achieve the perfect hardness and high strength. The sediment in the waste water discharged from the sand washing machine contains a lot of sand and causes a lot of economic damage. Fine sand recycling machine to solve this problem perfectly.


Sand recovery machine can effectively reduce the amount of fine sand loss, so that it is controlled within 5% -10%, a good solution to the artificial aggregate processing system in the finished product sand fineness modulus is high, stone powder content is low Of the problem, fine sand has been fully recovered, thereby effectively reducing the sedimentation tank workload, reducing the sedimentation tank cleaning costs.