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How to reduce waste discharge during sand washing

We encourage the prospecting at the same time also strengthened the intensity of the consolidation of the mining market, the mining equipment put forward higher requirements, the urgent need to deal with large capacity, high efficiency, reliable operation of energy-saving environmental crushing machinery and equipment.


Sand washing machine


Sand washing machine to improve the safety of equipment at the same time, but also in the fully automated operation of the road on the road closer. Sand washing machine speed has been improved, broken than the larger, the use of deep cavity rotor, higher output, a variety of protection measures can reduce the downtime, a high degree of automation, can extend equipment life, low operating costs, Good shape, high degree of automation, the equipment of many advantages, as the mine construction industry today a new generation of hot products.


As one of the most important production line equipment of machinery enterprises, Zhongxin heavy sand washing machine equipment can be tailored according to the needs of customers, in this case both to ensure the production line production, but also to the city to bring a certain economy benefit.