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Analysis on the Cause of Shaking of Jaw Crusher

In the mine production, because of its special environmental factors, jaw crusher in the use of a period of time will be violent shaking, resulting in the user had to stop looking for reasons to stop shaking. Zhongxin industry to introduce what led to jaw broken device shaking the main factors:


1, Influence of screw on jaw crusher 's shaking, jaw crusher can be fixed on the ground is the screw, if a side of the screws appear loose or broken, then the side of the machine will be slightly shaking, the staff Did not notice the situation, it will make the sloshing intensified, a long time, may make the screws break, and finally lead to the whole machine are in a strong shaking.


 jaw crusher


2, jaw crusher in the work of a long time, due to the initial staff to install a small mistake, will lead to the internal flying wheel deviation from the original position, so that the machine center of gravity imbalance, will also cause violent shaking.


Therefore, before installing the jaw crusher equipment, be sure to ensure the stability of the equipment, reduce unnecessary losses, improve production efficiency. Zhong Xin Heavy Industries to remind you that the daily work of more attention to some of the details of the problem, reduce the jaw crusher shaking, is a very effective measure to reduce downtime.