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Sand washing machine configuration efficient energy efficiency

Sand washing machine is widely used in gravel field, mining, building materials, transportation, chemical, water conservancy and hydropower, concrete mixing plant and other industries on the material washing. The following process, have to go through the sand washing machine.


Sand washing machine


1, the ore follow-up need to go through the first choice or optoelectronic electromagnetism, ore surface sludge will undoubtedly affect the good ore and poor ore is difficult to distinguish and reduce the consequences and effectiveness of mineral processing, this situation must be washed ore;


2, Sand washing machine gravel contains a large block of non-mineral waste of waste rock, then need to go through the washing so that part of the fine particles in the mineralization;


3, gravel mud is too large, often caused by rupture machines, sieve and ore warehouse mouth blockage, is the production can not be carried out smoothly, you can use the washing method to be resolved;


4, some of the ore's primary slag and ore blocks in the optional aspects (such as floatability, magnetic, etc.) are quite different, after washing the mud, sand separated, separated from the treatment, you can get better mineral processing consequences ;


5, doped clay more red, limonite, if the clay minerals in the clay is very small, it can be washed in the mud as the ultimate tailings directly discarded, the resulting block of mineral grade can be Get progress.