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Reasons for Damage of Mine Shaker Screen

 Mine vibrating screen mesh types can be divided into: stainless steel square hole, stainless steel geometric profile network, stainless steel ginning network, and so on all kinds of stainless steel square mesh screen is widely used in solid material screening, screening, liquid filtration. There are many reasons for the damage of the sieve screen of the mine. Most of the reasons are due to the failure of the screen quality, the tension of the screen, the steering error of the vibration motor, the accumulation of clay and so on. The emergence of these problems has brought a lot of inconvenience to everyone 's production.


vibrating screen


First of all, the quality of the vibrating screen is not qualified, the screen generally has the upper sieve layer and the lower force layer, requiring the two layers between the close fit, if the screen pre-tensioning process is poor, when the bottom of the screen force layer Tension, the sieve layer is not tightened, the work of the drill bit throwing force greatly reduced, can not be discharged from the cuttings.


The tapering of the sieve screen is then insufficient to cause the screen to vibrate and is usually broken or damaged along the edge of the screen or at the edge of the wrapper.


Finally, the motor steering error In the steering of the vibration motor, the field operator according to the previous uniaxial vibrating screen or the use of linear vibrating screen machine experience, that as long as the cuttings go forward on the line, but this method is not applicable to translational elliptical vibrating screen If the motor is accidentally rotated inward, the ejection angle is also 45 ° forward, but the cuttings have the force to roll backwards, and the cuttings move forward much slower, stay on the screen for a long time, Will lead to cuttings can not be discharged.