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Sand making machine operation introduction

 In the control of the sand making machine, if not accurately manipulated, it is likely to cause unnecessary accidents, considered to ensure that machinery and equipment to maintain a good condition, to ensure safe production and reduce occupational safety and health hazards, the safety of sand making sure Can not be ignored, Zhongxin Heavy Industries engineers suggest:


sand making machine


1, check the vortex before moving the carousel observation door is closed tight;

2, check the direction of impeller rotation, from the entrance to see the direction. Impeller should be counterclockwise to scroll, or should adjust the electrical wiring;

3, the sand making machine must be started without load, until the sand making machine operate normally, the starting sequence of the sand making machine and conveying equipment is as follows: discharging → sand making machine → feeding, stopping sequence and starting sequence are reversed;

4, feed particles in strict accordance with the delineation requirements, prohibit greater than the specified material into the sand making machine, to avoid blocking the impeller channel and the central feeding tube, feed to seek a continuous average;

5, the discharge equipment is stopped, should be discontinued to feed;

6, sand making machine operation process, if severe vibration and abnormal noise, should immediately check parking;

7, sand work every class, add the right amount of grease; safety is very important, so in operation, in addition to ensuring the safe operation of equipment, but also to take as much as possible to improve the protective measures.