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Vibration feeder material blocking phenomenon appears

The Vibrating Feeder is a mechanical device that combines the features of a vibrating screen with a conveyor to not only screen the material but also to deliver the material to a designated receiving location. Vibrating feeder machine plays the role of a porter in the whole production process. If the vibrating feeder appears blocking material sprinkling, it can directly lead to the paralysis of the production line in serious cases, thus ensuring the normal operation of the vibrating feeder important.


Vibrating Feeder



 In the material storage system, vibrating feeder often block the phenomenon of the bin, then why the vibration feed material occurs blocking material or not the material phenomenon? The reason is as follows:


1, from the physical characteristics of the material analysis, vibrating feeder jamming is the main reason for the strong and moisture. Due to the lower material flow, this will result in the usual "hanging wall" and "shedding" phenomenon after entering the warehouse, especially during the rainy season.

2, Vibrating Feeder Corresponding Vibrating Feeder During the shutdown of the transport system, due to the long storage time in the vault and the influence of humidity, the friction between the material and the wharf increases, resulting in blockage.

3, silo memory material is too small. Because the material is falling from a dozen meters height, the deeper the vibration feeder hopper depth, the greater the acceleration, followed by the impact of the larger, so a certain degree of material under the action of gravity, and gradually to the bottom of the silo Material impact compaction; When re-discharge, it is likely to block.

4, structural block warehouse. At present, the vibrating feeder hopper is made of steel plate, most of its shape is the cone, square cone or hyperbolic shape with a large mouth opening and a small mouth opening. Material in the warehouse by weight from top to bottom flow, the lower the cross-section of circulation is smaller, which is an important reason for the occurrence of congestion.

5, poor material storage point management, leading to large pieces of material or foreign material warehousing. Vibrating feeder hopper entrance, not set according to the requirements of sieve Gates mouth is too large, resulting in large pieces of material or foreign matter into the warehouse, resulting in blockage.

6, may be too much feed feed, resulting in the accumulation of material in the base, lifting resistance screw conveyor force increases, hopper caused by poor operation, encountered this situation should be less immediately The amount of material and maintain the feed evenly.

7, may be due to the lack of coordination between the various parts of the feeder, these are mainly due to the loosening of some parts. This requires tuning of the components, adjusting the compression of the machine spring plate compacting bolts to the optimum amplitude for the chute.

8, feeder gap between the iron core and the armature caused by too large or too small, if this happens, because of the machine can not reach the normal amplitude and affect the feeder feeding.