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Jaw Crushers running test preparation

Jaw crusher installed, the test crew must master the crusher operating procedures, methods of operation, it is best to have been skilled opened Jaw crusher personnel. Carefully check the various parts of the equipment, with a level measuring the overall level of the machine, horizontal deviation control within 0.2mm.


Jaw crusher


Check if the jaw crusher equipment bolts are all solid. Check inside the equipment to be missing items. Make the machine work will not get stuck. It is best to test the equipment's motor separately for motor running-in. Check the equipment lubrication of the various parts of the machine wheel, hand movement of the machine, to ensure that the machine can operate. Check the conveyor belt equipment to ensure no damage to the conveyor belt and so on.

Check the power supply is normal, the circuit is unobstructed. Check if the protective equipment is installed properly. Then turn on the machine, it is best to let the equipment empty for a period of time, the equipment running.