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Influence of Spindle Fracture on Cone Crusher

Cone crusher is the best choice for desulfurization in the cement industry. The main shaft of the cone crusher is responsible for the main load in its operation. The spindle fracture can not work normally except for the crusher, and the frequency of future maintenance is also increased.


Cone crusher

According to long-term practice, Zhongxin Heavy Industry concluded that the main shaft rupture of cone crusher caused by three factors, namely: 1, the quality of the main shaft of the crusher; 2, the external impact of crusher work environment; 3, cone crusher The long-term spindle fatigue operating factors.

Find the reason, we will deal with it a lot easier when buying a cone crusher spindle, we must choose the material better, so that the service life of the spindle will be longer than normal use. Second, the use of cone crushers must pay attention to the impact of the working environment, if the environment is too bad, pay attention to routine equipment cover set arrangements; the last factor is also the most important, fatigue and long-term benefits of equipment production is not beneficial. Leading to spindle fatigue operation there is a feed bias factor, the feed bias to one side, the material uneven distribution in the crushing chamber, resulting in crushing chamber at the bottom of uneven load, resulting in impact load, during eccentric rotation spindle By the impact of the role of the spindle repeatedly subject to folding, and finally lead to fatigue fracture main shaft.

Through the improvement of these measures, it can greatly improve the spindle stress conditions, work environment and equipment operation status.