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How to vibrate the vibrating screen

Vibrating screen applications more and more industries, there are many more special needs of the industry to make the appropriate transformation of the vibrating screen, vibrating screen vibration reduction:

vibration screen in some industries is quite special, for example in some areas, vibration reduction is a problem that must be solved.
Vibrating screen

The energy-saving unit with built-in shock absorber is isolated from the steel chassis by the shock-proof rubber shock absorber. Therefore, unless a higher requirement is required to add a vibration isolation device between the steel chassis and the foundation, the steel Rack and base for direct installation.

For non-built-in shock absorber energy-saving unit must be fixed between the steel frame and the foundation to install isolation devices for shock absorption.

The installation of shock absorbers can reduce the vibration and noise of the foundation of the ground, there are several different shock absorbers, of which the spring shock absorber damping effect best, isolation efficiency of 98%; glass fiber shock absorber efficiency of 75% 85%; Rubber shock absorber is 50% ~ 80%. For special earthquake and geological environment requirements, the foundation should be arranged around the width of about 25-30mm seismic isolation ditch, the basis of the bottom of the set of vibration isolation layer, the bottom of the foundation compaction, cement, cinder, asphalt laying thickness of about 200mm, in this Re-cast concrete on the vibration isolation layer.

Generator sets M18 diameter anchor bolts should be used to secure the steel frame to ground to prevent movement.

In addition, sufficient maintenance space must be reserved around the generator set. One end of the radiator tank at the periphery requires a distance of not less than 1.5m from the wall of the equipment room. The distance between the height of the equipment room roof from the height of the generator set should not be less than 1.5m. Requirements Housing not low pressure 4.5m, which is the unit ventilation and cooling and maintenance crane parts must hold the minimum spacing. The base station is at least 150mm above the ground.