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Abutment wear and repair of hydraulic cone crusher

Hydraulic cone crusher crushing process is one of the important production equipment, because of its crushing effect, energy saving, it is a widely used advanced equipment. Crusher on the beam is the main component of the crusher, its role is to ensure the crusher discharge clearance, lubrication systems and other colleges and universities, stable operation of the important components.

In the working process of the crusher, due to long-term operation of the upper beam of the rack, together with factors such as the quality of spare parts, ore impact and personnel operation, the gap between the upper cross beam and the concave-convex joint surface of the middle frame can not meet the technical requirements, Resulting in rupture of the dowel pin, so that the attachment of the upper beam such as hydraulic cylinder, copper sleeve damaged, seriously hindered the crusher's production and operation, so that the mine production in a passive state. Therefore, the damaged upper beam needs to be repaired.
Hydraulic cone crusher

Hydraulic cone crusher on the beam and the internal parts of the damaged cloud because there are four main aspects: raw material factors, mechanical factors, time factors and operators. Such as uneven ore, ore hardness, to the mine size; installation error, poor quality spare parts, with the surface wear and aging equipment; such as less maintenance time delay wear and tear increased; such as equipment maintenance is not timely, improper operation, Information communication is not clear and so on will lead to damage to the beams and internal components. Mechanical factors and raw material factors which have a greater impact.

Repair methods are: master the nature of the ore, appropriate tight, put crusher discharge port, to avoid the damage to the crusher. Encounter a large humidity of raw materials, with dry material can be reasonable on the turn in order to achieve uniform to the mine. At the same time to reduce equipment running time, equipment maintenance time, make equipment maintenance and repair work, reduce equipment wear and tear. For serious wear and tear of spare parts, ready to repair preparation work, improve maintenance efficiency.