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Cause Analysis of Vibrating Feeder Occurring

There are a lot of possible causes for blocking or not feeding the vibrating feeder. As far as possible, it is necessary to regulate the operation in the course of using, so as to avoid the situation of blocking the material in the feeder.


Vibration feeder in the use of the process, we should also be noted that the load of the hopper can not be directly pressed in the feeder chute, so long will lead to the spring plate and the connection fork fatigue damage occurs, leading to one of the fracture . May be too much feed to the feed too much, resulting in the accumulation of materials in the base, or transport capacity increased resistance to increase screw conveyor, hopper caused by poor operation, in which case should be less immediately feed volume And to maintain uniform feed.

vibration feeder


Vibration feeder between the core and the armature gap is too large or too small caused, if this happens, because the machine can not reach the normal amplitude and affect the feeding of the feeder. May be due to the various parts of the feeder between the incompatibility caused by these parts is mainly due to the loosening of parts. This requires adjustment of the tuning of the components, the machine spring plate compression bolts to adjust the degree of compression to the best, so that the chute production to achieve the required amplitude range.


Vibration feeder in the entire production line in the connecting hub role, the device any minor fault, may have an impact on the entire production line production schedule. Therefore, although the vibration feeder in the production line is not the most important equipment, but it has a significant role can not be ignored.