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The problem and solution of the loss of machine-made sand

  In the production process of machine-made sand, the loss of fine sand often occurs, so what is the main reason?

  1. The proportion of fine sand is too large Because the content of fine sand is too large, the efficiency of the fine sand recovery equipment will be reduced;

  2. Fine sand recycling equipment There are many kinds of equipment on the market at present, and the equipment of each manufacturer is also different. Generally, an integrated fine sand recycling machine is selected. You must choose the equipment suitable for your own raw materials. At the same time, the equipment manufacturer is required to adjust the screen. The aperture of the mesh and the vibration frequency, the aperture of the screen is about 200 mesh.

  3. Excessive moisture Excessive moisture can make the machine-made sand cleaner, but at the same time it will also wash away a lot of washing sand, causing serious loss of sand and gravel materials.

  How can we solve the above problems?

  1. Control from the source Avoid choosing raw materials with a large amount of fine sand. During the production process, efforts should be made to avoid excessive silty or adjust the size of the sieve.

  2. Fine sand recycling equipment At present, there are many types of fine sand recycling equipment on the market, and the installation process is also different. When choosing equipment, you must choose suitable equipment according to your own process, so as not to waste machine-made sand.

  3. Sedimentation tank If conditions permit, the treated sewage can be put into the sedimentation tank, and then the fine sand can be recovered from the sedimentation tank for the second time.

  Fourth, the amount of water The appropriate amount of water can achieve the effect of washing sand and gravel, and can ensure the loss of fine sand.